Upcoming Exhibitions

Join us this summer for exciting art exhibitions showcasing local talent and creativity. Be inspired by a variety of art styles and mediums.


Our exhibition at the Wantage Museum from 1st to 13th of |July.


OPEN DAY @East Challow Village Hall on Saturday the 6th of July a Display of all members varied work


Members work on display for the LitFest at the Beacon Cafe, October 29th to November  9th.


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Art Demonstrations

Experience live art demonstrations by seasoned artists in our club. Learn new techniques and get inspired for your own creations.


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Up coming Workshops

The next workshop is Kevin Scully Atmosheric Oils, August 10, 


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Art Talks

T.S.Eliot and Art 

The Beacon June Friday 28th Jt The Beacon, starting promptly at 10.45.

As a pioneer of literary modernism, TS Eliot inevitably influenced his counterparts in the visual arts. He was friends with several artists. Edward McKnight Kauffer and David Jones illustrated his work; Patrick Heron and Wyndham Lewis painted him; Jacob Epstein sculpted him. There are paintings inspired by his poems. And the reverse is also true; The Waste Land famously employs techniques borrowed from modern art.
This lecture will explore some of those connections, while also taking the chance to display some of Eliot’s own artistic creations: the jokey little sketches he included in letters to children

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