Welcome to Wantage Art Group

At Wantage Art Group, we are a friendly club that welcomes anyone with an interest in the visual arts. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced artist, or just interested in  visual art, you'll find a supportive community to explore and develop your creativity.

Some of the events we provide:-

Professional Demonstrations & Presentations

Monthly diverse art demonstrations for all levels, nurturing creativity and skill development.


When is the next Presentation

July 17 at East Challow Village Hall from 7:30 to 9:30pm, there is a practical session lead by local professional Artist, Lin Kerr, on various techniques for painting flower arrangements.

Multi-media multi-level workshop
There will be four groups:

  • Watercolour painters – you need to be comfortable with using watercolours.
  • Oil and Acrylic painters – you need to be comfortable using acrylic or oils.
  • Collage artists – any skill level from total beginners and upwards.
  • Do your own thing artists – untutored group who will follow the theme of flowers in their own way using any medium. Bring whatever you need!

PLEASE ALL BRING TWICE AS MANY FLOWERS AS YOU THINK YOU NEED so that we can share. Choose simple ones like daisies, cosmos, hellebores, tulips, love-lies-bleeding, alstroemeria etc.  (Roses and crysanths are tricky) Also bring some greenery.

  • All bring glass jars / bottles – a smaller size than 450ml jam jars. Coloured glass is fine.
  • Very useful: a wine box which is white inside – the sort that comes with 6 bottles.
    Cut two of the sides away and you’ll have a nice background for your still life.
  • Optional: Add coloured paper to your background.
  • For complet list of what to bring  "Go to" Materials List for Blooming July page



Exciting exhibitions to showcase and share member's artwork with the community.

When is the next member's exhibition?

Entries are now closed but members will be exhibiting their work for sale at the Wantage Museum from July 1st to the 13th.

Please pop along to view

Is there a charge for exhibiting?

Usually not. However for the Wantage Museum we have to pay a small hanging fee per painting plus give 25% commision of sales to the Museum.


Inspiring workshops to expand knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts.

Are the Workshops included in the membership fee?

No they are not, the high quality professional artist running the workshops are paid a fee which is run by us on a breakeven basis. Therefore the charges will vary dependant on how many members sign up. Typically the charge for a day workshop will be between  £40 to £60

When and where is the next Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in your exhibitions?

If you're a member, you can submit your work for consideration in our many annual exhibitions.

Note some exhibitions will require a modest hanging fee.

Are the workshops suitable for beginners?

Yes, our workshops are designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels, including beginners. They cover a diverse range of topics and provide a supportive learning environment.

What Type of Presentations do you offer

“Joining Wantage Art Group has been a truly enriching experience. The members are welcoming, the meetings are inspiring, and the atmosphere is always filled with creativity. I've learned so much and made great friends along the way.”

Sarah Smith

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About us

Wantage Art Group is a thriving art club in Wantage, South Oxfordshire. We are passionate about fostering creativity and providing a supportive group, for artists to explore and develop their skills. We provide a monthly divers range of Professional Demonstrations and Presentations, Workshops, Painting Days and Exhibitions, catering for artists of all levels, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience for everyone.