Workshop | Wednesday 17 July 2024 7.30 – 9.30pm


Multi-media multi-level workshop
There will be four groups:

  • Watercolour painters – you need to be comfortable with using watercolours.
  • Oil and Acrylic painters – you need to be comfortable using acrylic or oils.
  • Collage artists – any skill level from total beginners and upwards.
  • Do your own thing artists – untutored group who will follow the theme of flowers in their own way using any medium. Bring whatever you need!

PLEASE ALL BRING TWICE AS MANY FLOWERS AS YOU THINK YOU NEED so that we can share. Choose simple ones like daisies, cosmos, hellebores, tulips, love-lies-bleeding, alstroemeria etc.  (Roses and crysanths are tricky) Also bring some greenery.

  • All bring glass jars / bottles – a smaller size than 450ml jam jars. Coloured glass is fine.
  • Very useful: a wine box which is white inside – the sort that comes with 6 bottles.
    Cut two of the sides away and you’ll have a nice background for your still life.
  • Optional: Add coloured paper to your background.

Watercolour Painters: Guided by Lin, watercolourists will do a blind contour drawing of a simple flower arrangement on good watercolour paper. This will be flooded with colour and when dry will have details added carefully to resolve the painting.

Watercolour Materials:

  • A couple of ¼ sheets (between A4 & A3) or A4 sized sheets of good watercolour paper, preferably 300gsm so that you don’t need to stretch it.
  • Your watercolours & favourite brushes – tins or tubes – whatever you usually use, water jars etc.
  • Waterproof fine liner: I use the one below – superfine, Write-4-all by Stabilo but any will do.
  • Some computer paper to plan and experiment with blind contour drawing.

Oil and Acrylic painters: Inspired by Lisa Daria Kennedy, Lin will guide you to produce a simple bold oil painting 15cm square (6”x6”) in a similar style to Lisa’s daily paintings.
In advance, do look at her work on Google and read her story. Below are three of her paintings.

Oils and Acrylic Materials:

  • Please all have a 3B pencil for our quick studies.
  • You'll need a cheap tablecloth or table covering. (The Tesco disposable party cloths are great - in the birthday party section)
  • Have something on the side (paper or board) to try your colours out on.
  • You need a reasonably large palette to premix colours and values.
  • Please be generous with your paint to get a good result.
  • For foliage I recommend sap green which can be mixed with yellow to make it more lemon, or blue to darken it.
  • I found that a flat synthetic 1cm brush worked for most of the painting, with a couple of smaller round ones for something like daisies.
  • I tried painting an alstroemeria and even that was a tad complex! Petunias were perfect.
  • Jars should be small for 2-3 flowers.
  • White or light coloured glass is more reflective than dark glass vases.
  • One or two 6”x6” (15cm x 15cm) canvases or MDF board, or heavy card if you use acrylic. You can buy these at Jacksons (online) or Søstrene Grene in Newbury. It is important to have this exact size, it order to get a good result.
  • Your usual acrylics or oils and brushes and equipment.
  • DO NOT BRING SOLVENT. I will have solvent for you. There will be solvent on my table for a 'good brush clean' and each person will receive a tiny bottle to keep at their desk.  My solvent is low toxin & odourless. Please do not bring your own as I am allergic to most other solvents. Bring a small jar to decant some.
  • You'll need kitchen roll or a couple of cloths to wipe your brush clean between colours.
  • Please try to bring a flat square brush 1-1.5” wide. (2-3cm) and some larger filberts if you have them. Many of Lisa’s flowers are three stroke flowers!
  • Optional: Lisa usually painted on a red or rose-coloured ground. You may paint the canvas in advance with an undercoat of rose-coloured paint - it may be translucent or solid, oils or acrylic. Mix red, ochre and white to a shade you like. This will save some time at the workshop. If you look at her paintings online, you’ll see the red peeking through.


Collage Artists: Inspired by Lisa Daria Kennedy, Lin will guide you through the process of creating a glued paper collage working from life. Each person will re-create one of Lisa’s masterpieces as well as create their one of their own. Print out one of her paintings from the internet in advance (preferably to the size you are working on) to re-create, and bring the magazines with ads in the right colours.


  • Two square sheets of board 20cm x 20cm.
  • Scissors & wet-wipes may be useful.
  • Glue and glue brush – you can mix up some wallpaper glue.

Alternatively, the best glue stick I know of is Tombow.

Contact adhesive works but can get messy.

  • Bring a magazine to glue on, so that you can turn to a new page to do more glueing.
  • Optional: Lisa usually painted on a red or rose coloured ground. You may paint your board advance with an undercoat of acrylic rose-coloured paint. Mix red, ochre and white to a shade you like.
  • Also bring paper in the same colours as your flowers and greenery. Torn or cut ads are often more exciting than plain paper. Tissue paper may be useful.