May 16
demonstration in oils
Lin Kerr


Grove Parish Church Hall.
, Main Street Grove  OX127LQ
The hall is attached to the church using the entrance to
 the right of the church






Pictures at 2 Market Place Wantage 
If you wish to purchase a picture we will arrange to get it out of the window on either Monday or Friday and arrange for collection
List from 19 April 2018PHASE 2
  W/C   Roger Smith  £80

1. Three views of Betjeman    Bill Fuller         NFS

33.  Watching the Waves        Shelagh Baxter            Pastel              £90

38. Venice Evening                 Roger Smith                W/C                 £80

41.  Ronda       Shelagh Baxter                  Pastel              £90

42.  Mudflats               Patsy Jones       Reduction linocut       £60

49.  The Seven Sisters             Shelagh Baxter            Pastel              £80

50. St Brides Bay                     Roger Smith                W/C                 £80

55. Winter Garden                              Debby Fox                   £35

57 .   Summer Courtyard        w/c                  Jill Smith          £130

58. Brixham Trawler in the Dart        w/c      Geoff Williams-           £80

59  Bluebells in Spring                   /c     Geoff Williams-           £40

60.  Lilies on display                w/c      Geoff Williams-           £50

61    Autumn Blaze.                   Giclee Print from pastel                Diana Baker        £35

62.  Leaving Harbour       Linocut                 Patsy Jones        £35

 63.   Fairy Path             Giclee Print from pastel                           Diana Baker        £35

64.  Field Line                     Textile                                                  Amanda Hislop  £185

65.  View from Porlock Common               w/c                  Jill Smith          £140

66.  By the River                                                Kathleen Foster                                £200

67.  Towards Cat Bells                     Oil           Patsy Jones                        £200

68.  Ridgeway Harvest                    Reduction linocut             Patsy Jones        £45

69.   Frost on the Ridgeway          Limited edition giclee print         Jill Smith      £90

70.  Frilford Heath                            w/c        Ray Journeaux                  £45